Providing strategic and financial advice to develop your business and enhance shareholder value

Management teams are increasingly forming part of an auction process either in primary or secondary management buy-out situations. At Springboard, we understand that managers are therefore facing a myriad of demands on their time and need a trusted, experienced advisor focused on them.

Providing productive and balanced advice

As your trusted advisor, you can rely on your Springboard partner’s wealth of experience, having worked in private equity, to act as a sounding board for management teams to ensure you get a deal that is right for you, both culturally and economically. We work as an integral part of PE auctions to ensure that management teams get the right deal. Our experience in private equity means we can provide commercial, realistic advice that delivers the right deal for you.

Your Springboard team will be uniquely positioned to answer questions such as:

  • How will I get the opportunity to choose my partner going forward?
  • How should I assess what I am being offered both financially and commercially?
  • What would life be like with the incoming Private Equity house?
  • What part should I play in an auction process?