Delivering creative and practical solutions to secure the best deal

Identifying targets and completing your acquisition

Whether you are a corporate acquirer or a management team, Springboard’s extensive experience of negotiating fundable transactions will ensure you are proactively guided through the entire process to ensure it reaches a successful conclusion.

 A proactive deal management process

You can rely on us to manage the due diligence and legal process to avoid any loss of momentum on your deal, as well as resolving issues quickly to avoid jeopardising the process while you focus on driving your own business forward.

Our process

1. Identify opportunities

The combination of our in-house research team and extensive global network of contacts will identify potential acquisition targets for you which are either being actively marketed, or ‘off market’. Working proactively with you, your Springboard team will evaluate each opportunity to ensure it meets your requirements, advising on the likelihood of success if required.

2. Create a comprehensive business plan

Our Springboard partners have a wealth of experience as both advisers and funders, as well as an extensive network of both debt and equity funders. Using this experience, we will build a comprehensive business plan to maximise the likelihood of attracting funding on the best possible terms.

3. Negotiate and structure a deal

Leave the negotiation process to us – we’ll ensure you get the best, most deliverable deal. Using our extensive knowledge of debt and equity funding markets, we will structure a fundable deal which maximises the chances of success.