Using our experience as both advisers and funders to work with management teams, private equity houses, and their portfolio companies.

Utilising our extensive network across the private equity market

Using our extensive knowledge of the private equity market, we can assist you in a number of scenarios:

Working with business founders and entrepreneurs who are seeking private equity investment

We will work with you to understand the precise nature of your requirement and build a detailed business plan and funding model to drive the optimal funding structure. You will receive expert advice on ‘the art of the possible’.

Working with management teams in PE backed businesses to explore exit options

We have a track record in advising PE backed businesses to deliver the right exit to strategic trade acquirers in the UK and overseas.

Supporting PE houses with buy-side support

We support private equity houses across the acquisition process.

Acquisition searches and support for PE investee companies

Buy and build is a key element of the strategy of most private equity-backed businesses. From identifying targets, through to the project management and delivery of acquisitions, you will be provided with full support during the process.

Our wealth of experience and network of private equity relationships makes us ideally positioned to deliver such transactions for you.