Devising bespoke processes to maximise your funding objectives

Utilising our extensive network across the funding market

By leveraging our extensive network of debt and equity providers, you will be provided with support to refinance or raise additional working capital, development or replacement capital, or acquisition finance. The process will then be actively managed through to completion.

Driving the process from inception to completion

We will work with you to understand the precise nature of your funding requirement and build a detailed business plan and funding model to drive the optimal funding structure.

These may include:

Management Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins

At Springboard, we have more than 125 years of experience of guiding management teams through buy-outs. Our network of contacts across the private equity and venture capital industry means you will be provided with the optimal funding package for your business.

Development capital

We have expertise in raising development capital to meet your requirements, whilst minimising the cost of funding and ensuring the right partner.

Debt finance

The UK debt markets have seen dramatic change and challenges over recent years. At Springboard, we are adept at accessing debt finance from traditional lenders, asset finance providers, and the growing group of challenger banks.